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There are FIVE THINGS that prevent people from succeeding as an Authorpreneur. Here is #4

There are FIVE THINGS that prevent people from succeeding as an Authorpreneur. Here is #4

There are FIVE REASONS that prevent people from moving forward and truly succeeding with KDP.

The FOURTH ONE is that people think that they can't do this because they think that they don't have anything to offer or that they aren't 'good enough' at anything that other people would find valuable or useful.

Does this sound like YOU? I have heard this EXACT EXCUSE over and over and over again. Remember, I've literally coached hundreds of people, one on one, about publishing with KDP. I KNOW the reasons that prevent people from pursuing this incredible business model and I don't want you to let an EXCUSE stop you from finding success as an Authorpreneur.

And i understand; I 'get it'.

It can be hard to see yourself as an "expert" in something. Especially something that you actually like and enjoy.

Why? because when you like and enjoy something that you are really good at, you don't see it as work or as a job. You see it as FUN and something that you would do anyway or do for FREE.

And there is something about translating that into a business that makes you MONEY that seems off or that it shouldn't be that easy.


It's part of IMPOSTER SYNDROME and it's all covered in the book and the course. The same book and course that you already have access to.

Here is the link to the video and PDF in the Authorpreneur Facebook Group:

Here's the thing: Imposters don't get imposter syndrome.


If you DON'T HAVE imposter syndrome, then you are an imposter. The fact that you DO HAVE imposter syndrome is the proof that you need that you are NOT AN IMPOSTER.

Try this as a test:

Is there SOMETHING that people come to you for answers for? Are you able to ANSWER QUESTIONS about a topic? Like how to FIX something, or how to DO something? How to fix a leaking pipe, how to bake apple pie, how to sell on eBay, how to set up cloud storage, how to DO SOMETHING?

I bet that there is! If you h ave trouble with this test, ASK YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY what you are good at.

Or use me as an example: If someone has questions about Amazon and KDP, can I answer those questions for them? Yes, of course I can! I have information that other people find valuable. I have answers to questions that other people have.

And some of those people want to get those answers through a BOOK or a COURSE that they PAY FOR.


You just have to acknowledge this FACT and then follow the steps to put into words that can be published as a book. Then, you'll have a product on Amazon and when it sells, you do NO WORK and get PAID MONTHLY.

It's insane and it's REAL.

So if you want to publish a book, it's literally never been easier than using Amazon's KDP platform.

And I'm here if you need any help.

I PROMISE that once you CREATE and UPLOAD your two files to KDP and become a published author, you'll sit back and realize that getting published was, "just as easy as Chris Green said it would be."

How do I know this? Because I've heard the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN from the people that I've coached.

If you need help, you already have ACCESS to The Authorpreneur Blueprint (Kindle and/or Udemy course) AND the Authorpreneur Facebook Group! So, if you get stuck or have a question, JUST ASK!

If you haven't already joined the Facebook Group, you can do so here:

You can also read and watch the course content from The Authorpreneur Blueprint directly on Facebook by using the links in the Guides section of the Facebook Group.

If you have any trouble joining, just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

Questions? Just ask.