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There are FIVE THINGS that prevent people from succeeding as an Authorpreneur. Here is #5

There are FIVE THINGS that prevent people from succeeding as an Authorpreneur. Here is #5

There are FIVE REASONS that prevent people from moving forward and truly succeeding with KDP.

The FIFTH ONE is that people think that they can't do this because they think that "SOMEONE ELSE has already done it (or done it BETTER)."

I've said this about the previous reasons that people give. This is an EXCUSE!

That's all it is. An EXCUSE. A made-up reason to NOT DO SOMETHING. To NOT TAKE ACTION.

Guess what? There is somebody out there that KNOWS MORE about KDP and Authorpreneurship than I do.


Remember, it's NOT A COMPETITION!

Keep this in mind: humans are weird, irrational, and we're all DIFFERENT.

And all you have to do is HELP SOMEONE or ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS in order to connect with them.

And when they connect with YOU (because YOU are the one who helped them), they won't care that someone else is 'better' or has 'more experience' or is 'better looking' or ANYTHING!

Look, some people connect better with women than men, or with men than women.

The truth is that if they learn something from YOU and YOUR BOOK, then nothing else matters. This is NOT a competition. Becoming an Authorpreneur is just about using KDP and self-publishing to publish content with the goal of helping people.

That's it.

Just focus your time and efforts on HELPING POEPLE and DON'T WORRY about what anyone else is doing because this is not a competition.

PLEASE do not use this 'someone else is better' EXCUSE any more. If you tell me that, I'm just going to AGREE WITH YOU and then say, 'SO WHAT?'

If you overcame EXCUSE #4 (not believing you have anything of value to offer) and now realize that you have VALUE to give to the world through Authorpreneurship, then DO IT.

No more EXCUSES. Take the necessary steps to turn your VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE into an ACTUAL BOOK.

Overcome these EXCUSES and become an Authorpreneur!

And I'm here if you need any help.

I PROMISE that once you CREATE and UPLOAD your two files to KDP and become a published author, you'll sit back and realize that getting published was, "just as easy as Chris Green said it would be."

How do I know this? Because I've heard the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN from the people that I've coached.

If you need help, you already have ACCESS to The Authorpreneur Blueprint (Kindle and/or Udemy course) AND the Authorpreneur Facebook Group! So, if you get stuck or have a question, JUST ASK!

If you haven't already joined the Facebook Group, you can do so here:

You can also read and watch the course content from The Authorpreneur Blueprint directly on Facebook by using the links in the Guides section of the Facebook Group.

If you have any trouble joining, just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

Questions? Just ask.