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There are FIVE THINGS that prevent people from succeeding as an Authorpreneur. Here is #2

There are FIVE THINGS that prevent people from succeeding as an Authorpreneur. Here is #2

There are FIVE REASONS that prevent people from moving forward and truly succeeding with KDP.

The SECOND ONE is that people think it's TOO EXPENSIVE to get published and have their book available for sale on Amazon.com.

That's a fair concern because it USED TO cost a lot of money to become a published author. You typically needed an editor, an agent, and a commitment from a publisher. Expenses would be incurred BEFORE books would be printed and BEFORE any sales were even made.

But now, with KDP, books are printed ON DEMAND meaning that they are only printed when customers place orders so there are ZERO COSTS involved until orders are placed.

You can become a published author in UNDER 24 HOURS without spending a single dime. You literally CAN NOT LOSE MONEY through Amazon's KDP platform.

You'll either MAKE MONEY or make ZERO DOLLARS.


How many business models can say that?

I have literally explained this FROM THE STAGE at Amazon events only to have attendees come up afterwards and ask me, "Yeah, but what does it REALLY cost?"

Like bro, I'm not making this up! Go check the site right now and you'll see that you can publish anything and it is COMPLETELY FREE TO DO SO!

I PROMISE that once you CREATE and UPLOAD your two files to KDP and become a published author, you'll sit back and realize that getting published was, "just as easy as Chris Green said it would be."

How do I know this? Because I've heard the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN from the people that I've coached.

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