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The Authorpreneur Podcast is LIVE!

The Authorpreneur Podcast is LIVE!

On The Authorpreneur Podcast, I speak with authors who are using their books as a part of their business. Episodes are free-flowing conversations where we talk about books, business, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

The first five episodes are LIVE on ​Spotify​, ​Amazon​, ​Apple​, ​I❤️Radio​, and ​YouTube​ with new episodes dropping every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM!

You can find all of the podcast links at: https://www.authorpreneur.com/podcast/

This podcast is for anyone who is interested in publishing a book and using it to promote and grow their business or personal brand. In each episode, you'll learn specific ways how authors are using their books to reach new customers, grow their businesses, and change the world.

Episode #1: Nate McCallister, author of Evergreen Affiliate Marketing

Episode #2: Jason Wolbers, author of The Power of a Positive Mindset

Episode #3: Giovanni Dienstmann, author of Wise Confidence

Episode #4: Richard Weylman, author of 100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life

Episode #5: Kyle McDowell, author of Begin With WE

Episode #6: (drops 4/23) Jeanne Collins, author of Two Feet In

Episode #7: (drops 4/25) Brad Young, author of C.H.A.N.G.E.

Want to be a guest on The Authorpreneur Podcast? Just reply to this email and let's talk! Also, if you know someone who would make a great guest, please forward this email to them.