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I'm Starting a Book Club (and you're invited)

I'm Starting a Book Club (and you're invited)

Have you ever read a book that was so good that you immediately read it again?

Or listened to an audiobook and then bought the physical book anyway?

Or found yourself talking about a book to anyone who would listen?

It's fun, right? Discovering something new that you find fascinating and wanting to share it with other people?

For me, one of those books is How To Get Paid For What You Know by Graham Cochrane: ​https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1637740670​

The book does an amazing job of explaining how to build a business by turning your knowledge into an online course and then marketing it using social media. If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that this is something that I really enjoy helping people with.

But the book leaves out an incredible valuable piece: BOOKS.

Adding self-published books to this business model is like adding a TURBO CHARGER or a CHEAT CODE. Books just make everything EASIER and FASTER because they open up some amazing marketing opportunities.

So I'm starting a 12-week BOOK STUDY where we will dive into this book. I'll be helping people go from start to finish and creating their own knowledge-based business that includes their own self-published book.

It's all going down in the ​Authorpreneur Community​ on Skool:


When you join, I'll send you a WELCOME PACKAGE that includes my bestselling book, The Authorpreneur Blueprint:

The Authorpreneur Blueprint ($150 value): ​https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09TZLM1T3​

Plus, I'll send you a Kindle redemption link to The Authorpreneur Blueprint Kindle Edition ($100 value): ​https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VF1QT3M​

By the end of the BOOK STUDY, you'll have everything that you need to start your own knowledge-based business and combine it with the POWER of a self-published book!


If you're looking for a FREE GROUP about self-publishing, you can also join the Self-Publishing Community on Skool: