Authorpreneur Podcast Episode #10: Tzachi Ozeri, author of Monk vs. Monkey Mind

Authorpreneur Podcast Episode #10: Tzachi Ozeri, author of Monk vs. Monkey Mind

In this episode of The Authorpreneur Podcast, I talk with Tzachi Ozeri, the author of Monk vs. Monkey Mind: Becoming Aware of Your Thoughts to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.

Tzachi doesn’t regard himself as a Guru or a know all. His ideas and life approach were forged by living life to the max and trying to make sense of it all. His writing is honest with no excess or words without a real meaning.

For 38 years, Tzachi felt lost; he then started looking for how he got to where he was, and changed his focus from the 'why' to the 'how' to help him reprogram his subconscious and create new habits for a new reality. He realized how he inherited his struggle with addiction from his parents, which further led to him struggling with relationships and having a consistent, stable roof over his head. 

One of those times he became homeless, and was sleeping in a van, overthinking his situation. He realized that he was blaming everyone else but himself for getting to this stage. He looked at himself in the mirror and realized the apple didn't fall far from the tree. His struggle became his passion, and he uncovered multiple ways to overcome his personal struggles and heal his past. His books share his story and he hopes to inspire and help those who struggle to find their path.

If you like a good story of self-discovery and redemption from someone who turned their story into a book, then I really think that you’re going to enjoy this episode.

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