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I spent the last six months writing and compiling a 458-page book called The Authorpreneur Blueprint. It was DONE. I was uploading it to KDP as paperback, hardback, and Kindle (in that order).

First two formats were uploaded, passed preview, and just needed to go live on Amazon. The Kindle version was the last one. It uploaded fine, but then KDP said that it had FOUR typos. I had forgotten that the Kindle upload process would scan for typos this way and I may start uploading the Kindle version first from. now on.

But only four typos on 458 pages of text is still pretty good, but three of the typos were things that didn't need to be fixed. 'Authorpreneurship' may not be an actual word (yet), but it's fine. The other two were hyphenated words that aren't commonly used but made sense in context. 'non-salesy way' and 'screenshare-type videos' that I stand by and told KDP to ignore.

Then there was the last one. DOMSO. Domso? What on earth was I trying to spell that came out as domso?

Turns out it was supposed to be 'do so'. I hit the 'm' key instead of the space bar. Shout to Word for NOT catching this fake word, domso. And as many times as I read through the entire 458-page book, I kept missing this one.

So now, I'll remember the word DOMSO for the rest of my life. But not in a bad way. A domso in your writing is that one last random hard-to-find typo or mistake that we are always on the lookout for. A domso is when you may not be perfect, but you're pretty darn good at writing and editing to get through 458 pages by hand and only have ONE typo.