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The Best Seller Self-Publishing System

The Best Seller Self-Publishing System

I’m creating a new coaching program for people who want to want to leverage the power of books.

I have personally helped hundreds of people become published authors and I’ve developed an 8-Step System that anyone can use to become much more than just a published author.

This system practically guarantees that you become a BESTSELLING published author and I want to generate some more Case Studies.

So here's the deal:

For the next two weeks, I’m offering one-on-one consultations where I will share this entire system with you FOR FREE.

Yes, I’ll give you the entire system for free, and, if you think it will work for you, all I ask for is a testimonial.

My system includes two parts.

The first part is PREPARATION and it involved FIVE STEPS.

The second part is LAUNCHING and is comprised of the final THREE STEPS.

If you follow all eight steps in this system, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll become a bestselling author on Amazon.

What would that mean for you personally?

What would it mean for your business?

What kinds of doors would open up to you with bestselling author status?

If you want to work with me to get your book published and launched, you can see my coaching packages here:

Chris Green’s 8-Week Coaching Program
Get the 8-Week Coaching Program My Coaching Program is designed to take you through the entire 8-Step Process process of self-publishing a book. We’ll also prepare to launch your book with marketing strategies designed to guarantee that you become a BEST SELLING author! If you have not published a book