CLOSED: Finally, become a successful Authorpreneur in JUST TEN DAYS (even if you're not a writer), or you can KEEP my $199 book FOR FREE!

CLOSED: Finally, become a successful Authorpreneur in JUST TEN DAYS (even if you're not a writer), or you can KEEP my $199 book FOR FREE!

The Authorpreneur Challenge: Daily LIVE Training for Authorpreneurs - April 11-22.

My newest book, The Authorpreneur Blueprint, is LIVE on Amazon!

To celebrate the launch, I'm hosting The Authorpreneur Challenge that includes TEN DAYS of LIVE Authorpreneur training with me to help get YOU on the path to becoming a successful Authorpreneur!

TL:DR - I'll cut to the chase: Join The Authorpreneur Challenge and, in addition to the ten days of live training with me, you'll also receive a paperback copy of The Authorpreneur Blueprint that sells for $199 on Amazon:

And this challenge comes with my new KEEP THE BOOK guarantee: If you don't love The Authorpreneur Challenge, get a 100% refund and KEEP THE BOOK!

This makes joining The Authorpreneur Challenge completely RISK FREE!

You may be asking, "Chris, what even is an Authorpreneur?"

It's a fair question and the simplest definition would be an entrepreneur who uses the power of books and self-publishing to provide VALUE to their customers, build a business, and MAKE MONEY.

Maybe this is a better way to say it:

Authors write books (making money not required).

Authorpreneurs use books to build businesses and MAKE MONEY.

Becoming an Authorpreneur is done by combining useful and valuable content (such as an online course) with the power of Amazon's self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP.

KDP allows ENTREPRENEURS to use the power of self-publishing to become published authors that use print-on-demand books, sold on Amazon, to serve their customers, build their businesses, and, you guessed it, also MAKE MONEY.

You just need to learn how to provide MASSIVE VALUE through the printed pages of a book by offering ACCESS to private and exclusive online course content.

And I'll show you EXACTLY how to do this in The Authorpreneur Challenge!

How to make $70,000+ in royalties in one month with just one book and without shipping a single order:

I launched my first 'Course As A Book' and became an Authorpreneur in 2014 when I published Online Arbitrage. Amazon sent me this royalty check for over $70,000 for the first month's sales!

Remember, this is a ROYALTY CHECK, meaning that there are no inventory costs or other expenses to be paid. I deposited this check into my bank account, as-is.

How did this happen? I spent the time and put in the work to create, collect, and curate useful and valuable information and content (an online course) that could only be accessed through the printed pages of my book.

Customers who wanted access to my course just had to buy the book from Amazon! Customers would then receive access to my exclusive online course content through the printed pages of my book when they ordered my book from Amazon.

Amazon did ALL THE WORK (books were printed and shipped on-demand), and then sent me a check at the end of the month.

It's INSANE that more people aren't as obsessed with this business model as I am!

Online Arbitrage launched at $299. It sold 481 copies in its first month and I earned a royalty of ~$146/book while reaching a sales rank of #885 on Amazon.

Think about that. Fewer than 500 sales of a book can get you into the top 1,000 books on Amazon and earn you a royalty check for over $70 grand.

How is this possible? How can you sell a book for $299?

Simple! Just find a way to provide massive value to people by creating a book that provides access to your valuable content and offer it for sale on Amazon through KDP. Then you market and launch your book using the methods described and outlined in The Authorpreneur Blueprint and CONNECT with people using something called THE INTERNET.

You've probably seen online courses that sell for $299 AND UP! Are you putting two and two together yet? Instead of simply creating and selling an online course, you're giving customers ACCESS to your online course content through the printed pages of a book, sold on Amazon, and printed on-demand.

So why wouldn't you just upload your course to a site like Udemy and charge $299 for access? Well, the reasons why becoming an Authorpreneur are SO MUCH BETTER than this method are exactly why I wrote The Authorpreneur Blueprint!

When you are able to use KDP to SELL ACCESS to your online course directly on Amazon, you now have some MASSIVE BENEFITS such as:

-One-Click Checkout (removes friction from the checkout process)

-Prime Eligibility (customers know they will get their book fast)

-Trusted Amazon Reviews (gives the customer confidence in their purchase)

-Easy Return Policy (removes customer hesitation to buy)

-Promotional Tools (built right into Amazon)

You don't get ANY of these benefits if you're not selling access to your course content as a print-on-demand book on Amazon through KDP.

Look, I don't help people become authors just for the sake of becoming an author. If you just want 'published author' status, then upload a couple of files to KDP and you can be a published author tomorrow. But if you're reading this, then I'm pretty confident that ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY is somewhere near the top of your list of reasons WHY you want to publish a book.

I also don't help authors 'make money'. The marketing methods and launch strategies that I teach won't work for just any book. Not every book includes massive EDUCATIONAL value to the reader that can warrant a premium price point.

I can't turn a novel or fiction book into a bestseller and I can't see a time where I would even want to do this. Being able to sell 70,000 books in a single month that earn ~$1 royalty each is a much harder game to play than to create something with premium value that only needs 500 sales to make that same $70,000.

So what do I actually do? I help ENTREPRENEURS provide value to their customers by identifying and converting their valuable knowledge into online courses that are sold on Amazon as print-on-demand books through KDP. Buying the book from Amazon gives them ACCESS to the online course content.

It's really just that simple.

Sure, anyone can use KDP to become a published author, but The Authorpreneur Challenge will show you how to become an author that actually makes money!

You see, simply being a published author and 'existing' on Amazon IS NOT ENOUGH! There are THOUSANDS of authors out there that have never sold a single book or made a single dollar.

For some authors, that's OK; but for Authorpreneurs, the goal is to use books and self-publishing to BUILD A BUSINESS that makes money.

That's where The Authorpreneur Blueprint and The Authorpreneur Challenge come in.


Most authors write books that tell stories (ENTERTAINMENT) that sell for ~$10 and earn a royalty per book of about ~$1.

But Authorpreneurs write books that teach something of value (EDUCATION) that can sell for hundreds of dollars (depending on the type of information) and can earn significant royalties for every book sold.

You don't have to be an entrepreneur to be a writer. And you don't have to be a writer to be an Authorpreneur.

If you don't think that this method works or if you think that you don't have anything of value that can be turned into an online course and offered for sale online as a print-on-demand book, I'm going to READ YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW.

You're thinking one (or more) of these things:

-You don't consider yourself to be enough of an expert

-Writing a book is 'too hard'

-Writing a book will be 'too expensive'

-Someone else knows more than you do

-Someone else must have already done it

Am I right? Yup, I'm right. How do I know?

Look, I've been using KDP for over a decade and I've personally coached hundreds of people and helped thousands of people through my courses and content. I KNOW the reasons why people don't think that this business model works or believe that it will work for them.

And I get it. I understand, I really do. I've been there.

There was a time that I didn't think that I had anything of value to offer through a course or a book and I assumed that the publishing process would be difficult, expensive, and complicated.


It's completely FREE and it's just as EASY as I make it out to be and I'll PROVE IT TO YOU when you join The Authorpreneur Challenge!

Ten days to see if what I'm saying it true and if it will work for you. Ten days to learn the ins and outs of this amazing business model. Ten days to put yourself on the track to becoming an Authorpreneur and building a business by helping people learn something that you are passionate about while also making sales and earning royalties at the same time.

Doesn't this seem like something worth a closer look?

When you join The Authorpreneur Challenge, you'll get access to the TEN DAYS of LIVE training with me, Chris Green, where we will cover all of the fundamental secrets to becoming a successful Authorpreneur (all calls will be recorded and available as replays). At the end of each call, I will offer an open Q&A session to answer any and all questions!

You'll also receive a paperback copy of The Authorpreneur Blueprint ($199 on Amazon:

The Authorpreneur Blueprint book is a 32-chapter, 458-page MASTERPIECE that lays out the exact path to creating an online course (based on your own specific knowledge), that is then formatted as a print-on-demand book and sold on Amazon. It also includes 7-1/2 hours (43 videos) of private high-definition training videos.

And this challenge comes with my new KEEP THE BOOK guarantee: If you don't love The Authorpreneur Challenge, get a 100% refund and KEEP THE BOOK!

This makes joining The Authorpreneur Challenge completely RISK FREE!

KDP allows literally ANYONE to upload content files that will then be offered as Prime-eligible, print-on-demand books, listed for sale on Amazon. When customers place orders, Amazon prints the books, ships the books, and then sends out royalty checks at the end of every month.

Amazon literally does ALL THE WORK and they then send you a royalty check.

But wait, there's more!

When you join The Authorpreneur Challenge, you also get LIFETIME ACCESS to The Authorpreneur Blueprint Udemy course:
$199 on Udemy:

During the 10-day challenge, you'll learn:

-Learn why Authorpreneurship is the HOTTEST business model

-Learn why becoming an Authorpreneur is so INSANELY powerful

-Learn the POWER of Amazon Prime

-Learn the THREE MAJOR DIFFERENCES between AUTHORS and AUTHORPRENEURS (they aren't what you think!)

-Learn The 5 - 90 - 5 Rule that most authors don't understand so that you can focus on what ACTUALLY MATTERS when it comes to creating, launching, and promoting a successful book

-Learn how to provide MASSIVE VALUE through the printed pages of a book by offering ACCESS to private and exclusive online course content

-Learn the MARKETING SECRET that will instantly gets the attention of your potential customers

-Learn the BIGGEST MISTAKE that authors make when choosing what to write about

-Learn how to identify (and validate) your potential course topics

-Learn how to create your own book/course outline

-Learn multiple proven marketing methods

-Learn creative launch strategies

-Learn the simple trick to overcome Imposter Syndrome

The entire Authorpreneur process is really not difficult and it's explained in fine detail in The Authorpreneur Blueprint.

The process simply involves identifying something that you are GOOD AT that also provides VALUE to other people (teaches them something that they want to learn or solves a problem that they have). Then, put in the work to turn it into an online course that is also formatted as a print-on-demand book.

Then, spend your time marketing your book and getting people to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you as a knowledgable expert in your chosen niche. Then, LAUNCH your book to an audience that is eager to support you and to learn more about what you have to offer.

All of this (and much, much more) is outlined in fine detail in The Authorpreneur Blueprint!

Simple enough, right?

I'll make it even easier for you: The 'KEEP THE BOOK' guarantee!

Take The Authorpreneur Challenge and if you're not completely satisfied, get a 100% refund, no questions asked, and you can KEEP THE BOOK as my gift to you.

You have everything to gain and literally nothing to lose! There is truly NO RISK!

You either get yourself on track to becoming a successful Authorpreneur, or, in a worst case scenario, you get a $200 book FOR FREE! That's how CONFIDENT I am in this challenge and this training.

I've done pretty much every business model on Amazon, and this is, BY FAR, the most POWERFUL and also my personal FAVORITE!

What all do you get with The Authorpreneur Challenge?

TEN DAYS of LIVE Authorpreneur training with bonus Q&A sessions with 'The Authorpreneur' himself, Chris Green! Feeling stuck? Got questions? Get answers and move forward!

Your very own paperback copy of The Authorpreneur Blueprint ($199 on Amazon) with the KEEP THE BOOK guarantee: Not satisfied? Get a 100% refund and KEEP THE BOOK!

Access to The Authorpreneur Blueprint Udemy course ($199 value)

Access to The Ultimate Guide To Stencil Udemy course ($49 value)

Access to the new 'Members-Only' Authorpreneur Blueprint Facebook Group

RECAP: Join The Authorpreneur Challenge and get:

-10 Days of LIVE Training and Q&A sessions with Chris Green
-Paperback copy of The Authorpreneur Blueprint ($199 value)
-LIFETIME access to The Authorpreneur Blueprint Udemy course ($199 value)
-LIFETIME access to The Ultimate Guide To Stencil Udemy course ($49 value)
-Access to the PRIVATE Authorpreneur Facebook Group

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Get all of this for just $199 with the 'KEEP THE BOOK' money-back guarantee! Not satisfied with the challenge, the book, or the course? Get a 100% refund, no questions asked, and KEEP THE BOOK as my gift to you!

Don't you think it's time to see what all the excitement is about and join The Authorpreneur Challenge?

Don't delay; once The Authorpreneur Challenge starts, you can no longer join and get this amazing offer.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It's time to become the next Authorpreneur.