Authorpreneur Podcast Ep #7: Brad Young, author of C.H.A.N.G.E. Concepts that will CHANGE your life

Authorpreneur Podcast Ep #7: Brad Young, author of C.H.A.N.G.E. Concepts that will CHANGE your life

In this episode of The Authorpreneur Podcast, I talk with Brad Young, the author of C.H.A.N.G.E.: Simple Concepts that will CHANGE your life forever.

Brad is an exceptional and driven individual, dedicated to personal growth and passionate about inspiring positive change in the lives of others. Hailing from rural Tennessee, Brad knows firsthand the value of pursuing education and hard work to attain success, and has forged an impressive career path as a result.

Whether you're looking to improve yourself, your career, or your outlook on life, Brad is the perfect guide to help you get there. His expert knowledge, boundless energy, and motivating spirit are sure to inspire and empower you to take your life to the next level. So why not grab a copy of one of his books, or book him for a speaking engagement today, and get ready to unlock your full potential and embrace the transformative power of positive change.

And, of course, Brad uses his book and author status to grow his business and help more people. I really think that you’re going to enjoy this episode.

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In this conversation, Chris Green and Brad Young discuss the dangers of overproduction and the value of authenticity. They also explore Brad's goal of publishing a book every week and the power of self-publishing. They delve into Brad's book 'Change' and its focus on communication, habits, attitude, network, goals, and education. They emphasize the importance of habits and the impact of one's network. They also highlight the positive influence of peer pressure when surrounded by like-minded individuals. In this conversation, Brad Young and Chris Green discuss various topics related to fitness, motivation, writing books, and personal development. They emphasize the importance of creating a positive gym environment and motivating others to achieve their fitness goals. They also discuss the power of doing nice things for others and the impact it can have on building a brand. Brad shares his insights on setting and achieving goals, as well as the value of education and continuous learning. They also explore the benefits of publishing books and the opportunities it presents for personal growth and helping others. The conversation concludes with information on where to find Brad Young and his books.


Overproduction and excessive polish can detract from the authenticity and connection with the audience.

Self-publishing offers a powerful opportunity to differentiate oneself and leverage digital assets for marketing purposes.

Setting and maintaining positive habits is crucial for achieving goals and personal growth.

The people in your network can greatly influence your attitude, habits, and overall success.

Positive peer pressure can be harnessed to support and motivate individuals in pursuing their goals.