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Authorpreneur Coaching: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (Day 2 of 3)

Authorpreneur Coaching: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (Day 2 of 3)

Have you heard the term 'Imposter Syndrome' before?

It's becoming a term that more and more people are familiar with, especially if you hang out with authors and entrepreneurs.

And if you think that Imposter Syndrome is holding you back, I promise you that you'll be able to overcome it by the time you get to the end of this article.

"Imposter syndrome is the internal psychological experience of feeling like a phony in some area of your life, despite any success that you have achieved in that area.

You might have imposter syndrome if you find yourself consistently experiencing self-doubt, even in areas where you typically excel."


So, what does Imposter Syndrome have to do with publishing books and Authorpreneurship?

Well, it's a common thing that I hear from people who think that they don't have what it takes to write a book and it's a reason that they use to not get started. They think that even though they have a ton of experience and lots of people tell them how good they are at something, that they are still not actually that good (and definitely not good enough to write a book).

It's important to OVERCOME Imposter Syndrome because it's keeping too many GOOD BOOKS from being written and published.

In my experience, the term itself, Imposter Syndrome, has negative connotations. 'Imposter' can definitely imply something bad, and 'Syndrome' can sound like something that is wrong.

But it's actually a GOOD THING to have Imposter Syndrome.

Let me explain:

First of all, REAL imposters don't get Imposter Syndrome. Therefore, the only people who do get Imposter Syndrome are people who are NOT imposters!

The only way to legitimately feel Imposter Syndrome is to actually have a high-enough level of expertise to understand how much you still don't know. Since actual imposters don't realize how much they still don't know, they simply don't get Imposter Syndrome.

But since you have it, you know that you are 100% NOT an imposter! Get it?

Secondly, having Imposter Syndrome means that you actually CARE about your readers and customers. It's admirable to be concerned that your book might not be good enough and that you want your book to be the best thing that they've ever read.

These are GOOD THINGS to strive for and to be concerned about.

And you know who doesn't strive for these things? You know who isn't concerned about these things?


And you are 100% NOT an imposter!

So understand that your brain might be using Imposter Syndrome against you. If you feel like you have Imposter Syndrome, EMBRACE IT because it's a GOOD THING to have!